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6/18/11 08:25 pm

 holy crap I have not been on this thing in ages.  Hello Live Journal!!

1/17/11 04:41 pm - City Circus Friday Night At the Edwardian Ball!! Come To The Show :-D

 I cannot wait for Friday Night.  City Circus is gonna rock it:-D
Come To The Show! Friday Night at the Edwardian Ball!

Some City Circus videos here :-)

Hope to see you there :-)

1/16/11 08:09 pm

 I may be mad, i may be blind, I may be viciously unkind,
But I can still read what you're thinking."

1/6/11 10:53 pm - Performing at the 2011 Edwardian Ball Friday Night January 21st, come to the show!

 Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! :D

I just wanted to inform you and I, along with the rest of The awesome and one and only City Circus, are going to be performing at the Edwardian Ball, On Friday Night January 21st :-D!!  I encourage you all to go!  There will be dark acts of  juggling, acrobatics, contortion, capoeira, break dancing, and OF Course! Aerial :-)  

For more info go to:

Hope that you can make it,and hope to see you there :-)  Iiieee, I am SO excited about it!

10/15/10 05:18 pm


10/7/10 11:29 pm

 Come See My Performance At The DNA LOUNGE THIS NEXT FRIDAY OCT 15th!!  :-D!!!

9/18/10 01:54 am 

9/6/10 01:55 am

Im Doing Shit!!! Yeaaaayyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


7/5/10 01:51 pm

 Just booked a performance with Jim with Hubba Hubba Revue for October, the Halloween theme......So Excited that I get to do my American Psycho Act!!!!!! IEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6/29/10 09:17 am

 Performance Update:
Besides the show at The Crucible coming up in July, If all goes well and does not fail, I will be going to Kansas City to check out Quixotic Fusion and possibly do a performance with them!! *hearts* so grateful for this because their company is so awesome!!  Also going to possibly be performing at the Von GutenBerg Fetish party at Supperclub in September, doing an act on aerial chain during part of a suspension act. 

Keep it coming keep it coming, Keep going girl, Keep Going..
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